Heard this interesting conversation on “The Story” yesterday titled “A Robot Needs Hips to Lean and Listen.”  It is the second half of the podcast on 10/30. The conversation covers the use of technology, the body, communication, and the future of work. What was most interesting to me is the story of how an employee … Continue reading

Design is… on flickr

The AIA Committee on Design put together this postcard campaign a couple months ago. The submissions are now on flickr for everyone to see. http://www.flickr.com/photos/53902726@N07/ Here’s a few samples The postcards have been on display in a storefront on 4th Street and at the Cincinnati Design Awards ceremony.  It is an ongoing effort. Our next … Continue reading

YAiF Cincinnati Podcasts vol 2: 4th and Vine Streets

Andreas Lange hosts a discussion with the YAiF crew about Fourth and Vine Streets–and the development of Cincinnati from the Riverfront-in downtown Cincinnati. Enjoy! http://podcast88735.podomatic.com/entry/2010-07-31T18_23_26-07_00

Design is….

Here’s a great free opportunity to talk about design in the Nati. The AIA Cincinnati’s newly-formed Committee on Design is inviting postcard responses to the question/ starting line “Design is…” The idea is to collect as many postcard from designers, architects, artists, secretaries, paper pushers, janitors, teachers, executives, stay at home dads, (well, you get … Continue reading

TED Talk: Redensifying the Suburbs

Parking Garages

I heard a great discussion about parking garages on the Diane Rehm show. Yes, I fully realize that I am dangerously crossing the the threshold of middle age because 1. I get excited about parking garages and 2. I listen to Diane Rehm, I thought I’d at least share with the YAiF. http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2010-07-07/parking-garage

Joshua Prince-Ramus TEDxSMU

A short TEDtalk that I really enjoyed by OMA outcast & REX founder Joshua Prince-Ramus