YAiF Cincinnati Podcast vol. 7: Vine and Central Parkway

John talks with the YAiF crew about Subways, Canals, German Heritage, and the most dramatically changing neighborhood in Cincinnati. In short–OTR and the Gateway Quarter. This is the intersection of Vine and Central Parkway. Enjoy! http://podcast88735.podomatic.com/entry/2010-07-31T19_43_50-07_00 (Artist credits: T.H. Bayly, “Long, Long Ago,” English folk song; Berndgans, “Wohlauf, die Luft,” German 19th century folk song; … Continue reading

YAiF Cincinnati Podcast vol. 6: 8th and Plum Streets

Dr. Nick and John host a conversation about the political and spiritual center of Cincinnati–8th and Plum Streets. The crew discusses the architecture and history of St. Peter-in-Chains Cathedral, City Hall, and the Isaac M. Weiss Temple. Researched by Nick Christofaro and produced by John Back. http://podcast88735.podomatic.com/entry/2010-07-31T19_32_30-07_00 (Artist credits: Khalifa Ould Eide and Dimi Mint … Continue reading

YAiF Cincinnati Podcast vol. 4: Fountain Square

Continuing from the second podcast, Andreas Lange presents Fountain Square–the heart of Downtown. Enjoy! http://podcast88735.podomatic.com/entry/2010-07-31T19_11_49-07_00