AIAS Midwest Quad Conference 2011 Coming to the Queen City

Guest Post by Laila Ammar:

Laila is  pursuing her undergraduate degree in architecture at the University of Cincinnati. Currently a  Co-op at SHP Leading Design in Cincinnati & President of UC’s local AIAS chapter.

AIAS Midwest Quad Conference 2011 Coming to the Queen City

Academia and practice….there’s a HUGE gap there. That’s where student organizations, and co-op/internships take the stage – kind of filling in the blanks. One of those bridges is AIAS. Yeah, like AIA but not really. We’re the American Institute of Architecture Students and our goals have nothing to do with licensure, or continuing education credits (but somebody has to do it!). However, like AIA, we have a passion for the design and impacts of our built environment. One of the best ways for us to get our hands into the meat of important issues and topics as a student is to start in our own community and connect with the professionals out there – YAIF Cincinnati has helped us build some of those relationships, and start some of those intriguing conversations.

Fall 2011 AIAS University of Cincinnati and AIAS Miami University will be further (and I mean really far) pursuing one of these conversations – at our Midwest Regional Conference! We will be inviting 150+ Architecture students to Cincinnati to explore “Social Sustainability: Going  Beyond Green.” You heard it here first folks! Massive Cincy. Now its over a year away, but we’re very excited to get the ball rolling.  Cincinnati has so much to offer – aesthetically, socially, culturally… And it is our pleasure to host an event that can introduce students from other areas to our city.

So, social sustainability? What implications on our communication, interactions, activities, and overall life do our buildings create? I contend that ones environment can dictate a more than a reasonable margin of difference in all of these areas. This whole “Green” movement is definitely a step toward healthier, happier environments (and in turn people). It has almost become a fad now too…which is helpful in gaining support. But fads can be very cookie cutter and manufactured.  Every community, building, and person has different needs, different personalities. Design students (and if your in the practice, the learning never stops either right?) should really be considering the layer of social impacts created along with every move they make through built form.

We hope to utilize many of Cincinnati’s own experts and professionals to facilitate workshops, lectures, tours, and events that are relevant to this topic. This conference is at the beginning of its planning stages. We’ll keep you posted!


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