YAiF Cincinnati Podcast vol. 6: 8th and Plum Streets

Dr. Nick and John host a conversation about the political and spiritual center of Cincinnati–8th and Plum Streets. The crew discusses the architecture and history of St. Peter-in-Chains Cathedral, City Hall, and the Isaac M. Weiss Temple. Researched by Nick Christofaro and produced by John Back.


(Artist credits: Khalifa Ould Eide and Dimi Mint Abba, “Waidalal Waidalal,” Moorish Music From Mauritania; Ofri Eliaz, “Yigdal,” Ofri Eliaz: Ya Sallo De La Mar: Ladino Songs; ARTSomerville, “Salve Regina-Plainchant-Solemn Tone,” Zefiro-Marian Antiphons; John Phillips Souza, “The Manhattan March,” From a live recording of the U.S. Marine Band; Melvern Taylor and the Fabulous Meltones, “Clementine,” Ukulele Noir at the Nast)


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