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Heard this interesting conversation on “The Story” yesterday titled “A Robot Needs Hips to Lean and Listen.”  It is the second half of the podcast on 10/30. The conversation covers the use of technology, the body, communication, and the future of work. What was most interesting to me is the story of how an employee … Continue reading

Design is… on flickr

The AIA Committee on Design put together this postcard campaign a couple months ago. The submissions are now on flickr for everyone to see. http://www.flickr.com/photos/53902726@N07/ Here’s a few samples The postcards have been on display in a storefront on 4th Street and at the Cincinnati Design Awards ceremony.  It is an ongoing effort. Our next … Continue reading

Scenario Planning, Cartoon Style

With news of Metro’s expanded Route 1, impending streetcar system, near-completion of the tallest skyscraper in the city, and the Banks development finally underway, what more is there to shoot for in Cincinnati?  A lot, according to Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist for the Enquirer, Jim Borgman.  In 2002, he painted a very radical image of … Continue reading

AIAS Midwest Quad Conference 2011 Coming to the Queen City

Guest Post by Laila Ammar: Laila is  pursuing her undergraduate degree in architecture at the University of Cincinnati. Currently a  Co-op at SHP Leading Design in Cincinnati & President of UC’s local AIAS chapter. AIAS Midwest Quad Conference 2011 Coming to the Queen City Academia and practice….there’s a HUGE gap there. That’s where student organizations, … Continue reading

Architect Abrom Dombar: 1912-2010

The beginning of this week witnessed the passing of local architect Abrom Dombar. It is possible that the name might not immediately leap into your mind. I assure you that if you are, or have been, a student of the culture of architecture in Cincinnati that the name, Abrom Dombar, has landed in your ear … Continue reading

YAiF Cincinnati Podcast vol. 7: Vine and Central Parkway

John talks with the YAiF crew about Subways, Canals, German Heritage, and the most dramatically changing neighborhood in Cincinnati. In short–OTR and the Gateway Quarter. This is the intersection of Vine and Central Parkway. Enjoy! http://podcast88735.podomatic.com/entry/2010-07-31T19_43_50-07_00 (Artist credits: T.H. Bayly, “Long, Long Ago,” English folk song; Berndgans, “Wohlauf, die Luft,” German 19th century folk song; … Continue reading

YAiF Cincinnati Podcast vol. 6: 8th and Plum Streets

Dr. Nick and John host a conversation about the political and spiritual center of Cincinnati–8th and Plum Streets. The crew discusses the architecture and history of St. Peter-in-Chains Cathedral, City Hall, and the Isaac M. Weiss Temple. Researched by Nick Christofaro and produced by John Back. http://podcast88735.podomatic.com/entry/2010-07-31T19_32_30-07_00 (Artist credits: Khalifa Ould Eide and Dimi Mint … Continue reading

YAiF Cincinnati Podcast vol. 5: Fifth and Sycamore Streets

Perhaps the most economically significant intersection in the CBD, Mercedeh Namei introduces the YAiF crew to Fifth and Sycamore Streets–the home of P&G and Chiquita Banana. Produced, written, directed, and starring…Mercedeh Namei. Enjoy!! http://podcast88735.podomatic.com/entry/2010-07-31T19_23_53-07_00 (Artist credits: pornophonique, “lemmings in love,” 8-bit lagerfeuer; Love Lie, “Ispirazione in love – Pista da ballo,” Emotion factory; Pia Casagrande, … Continue reading

YAiF Cincinnati Podcast vol. 4: Fountain Square

Continuing from the second podcast, Andreas Lange presents Fountain Square–the heart of Downtown. Enjoy! http://podcast88735.podomatic.com/entry/2010-07-31T19_11_49-07_00

YAiF Cincinnati Podcast vol. 3: The Backstage District

The third podcast in our series about Downtown and Over-the-Rhine, Pat Quinn turns up the heat with his discussion of the Backstage District! Enjoy! http://podcast88735.podomatic.com/entry/2010-07-31T17_48_08-07_00 (Artist credits: Leveler, “City System,” City Scape)